This Week at ALIGN – Feb 18th to 24th

Water Body Duo on Sale, say WHAT?!?!?
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PS – ALIGN is closed Monday, Feb 19th for Presidents’ Day! ūüėČ

This Week at ALIGN – Feb 11-17

We have a SUPER deal for this week of red and loooooooooove – 20% off our best selling beauty tech item, the Red Light Wand!!

Events this week –

  • Thursday, Feb 15th at Noon CT – Monthly Rec Call in the Ambassador/Affiliate group
  • Thursday, Feb 15th at 7pm CT – Inside ALIGN with Tami Haney on the main ALIGN FB page

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ALIGN 1099’s

1099 Update: If you made more than $600, your 1099 was mailed out directly from our accounting firm to your address on your account. There is not a digital download option and if you made under $600 you will not receive one.

This Week at ALIGN – Feb 4-10

Happy First Full Week of February!!
– Don’t forget to get your $250 AV in by Feb 6th to earn yourself a FREE Radiant Rose Pod Mask!

– Join Shanae on Tuesday at 11am CT for a Sampling Panel! It’s going to be great!

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You’re Going to LOVE Free Gift February!

Welcome February!

All month long, enjoy a Free gift with purchase! See the images HERE

Spend $50: Receive Free Single set of Aura Golden Eye Mask

Spend $75: Free Under Eye Mask + Fire Hand Creme

Spend $150: Free Under Eye Mask, Hand Creme, ALIGN Tote (while supplies last) & FREE Shipping.

We have an amazing Events lineup:

and much much more! Check out everything happening in February HERE.

See the February Ambassador Resources HERE

Renew is on TikTok!

We are testing Renew on TikTok Shop for $32 so it has been marked down on the site as well! This sale will likely continue through February but as you know a sense of urgency always helps buyers take action so we will be using, “While Supplies Last” without a set end date.
Want to help us move through Renew? Share Renew on your socials, especially TikTok and tag @alignyourskin so we can repost and share your content on this special pricing!
These images have been added to the Ambassador Resource Drive!

This Week at ALIGN – January 28th to 31st

It’s the end of the month!¬† Let’s finish January with gusto! This week, everyone *including Ambassadors* will receive a FREEEEE Radiant Rose Pod Masks with the purchase of The (famous) Ritual Trio! This promo will last through Saturday, February 3rd.

Don’t forget – the 31st is the last day to join ALIGN for free as well as the last day for Double Stars!

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Exciting News: ALIGN Your Skin Will Be Available Across Multiple E-Commerce Channels!


From day one as a brand, we have communicated that for the health of ALIGN we would be selling across various e-commerce channels to bring in valued customers and brand Ambassadors/Affiliates. In the coming weeks, you can watch for our brand to be found on the following platforms:

TikTok Shop – Amazon – Facebook & Instagram – YouTube Shopping

We are confident that our presence on these popular platforms will not only enhance our brand visibility but also make it easier for customers to discover and experience the benefits of ALIGN Your Skin products. Let’s talk about it.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Current Customer Connection is key:¬†Keeping contact with your customers is the best way to have consistent Ambassador Volume and repeat sales. By using healthy social sales habits, your customers are loyal to you. You are their point of contact for ALIGN and that will not change.
  • ALIGN Customers Receive Additional Benefits:¬†When new customers order on other platforms, they do not receive all-inclusive rewards or touch/follow up emails as easily. They will not have the benefit of our weekly product features being discounted, and when ALIGN is posting on these other platforms, the cost will be slightly elevated. Customers receive the best care and consistent deals through YOU and the ALIGN website.
  • These NEW Customers who love ALIGN and want to join/purchase again will be looking for YOU.¬†Since ALIGN will be doing fulfillment for all platforms, we will be preparing informational cards to go in those orders that drive people to the ALIGN site and ALIGN hashtags. Are you using them on socials so these customers find YOU? (#alignyourskin #alignambassador)
  • Abundance: These platforms are key to ALIGN’s marketing strategy to build out a strong customer base. You will see other social sales companies on all of these platforms working it just like ALIGN and it is a major topic at every Direct Sales event we have attended. Every brand is utilizing the power of social media channels.
  • ALIGN owning these listings and postings is a benefit to all of us.¬†We have learned from other companies thats random Ambassadors and Affiliates owning the listings on these platforms causes issues like: undercutting prices, and not utilizing great customer care can devalue the ALIGN brand. We are going to be promoting ALIGN everywhere we can, every way we can and that is because we want ALIGN around for a long time. We want to do it right and be in charge of the customer experience.
  • Referral link improvements:¬†To help ensure additional referral link “stickyness” ALIGN has launched two recent referral link improvements including a “guest checkout” correction. Even if a customer doesn’t use your link and checks out as a guest, as long as they use their same email, our site automatically ties them back to you and we have also improved the longevity of the cookies affiliated with your link for each individual customer. Make sure you are consistently sharing your link. Just because someone¬†has used your unique link in the past, there are a multitude of reasons their order could come through differently. If they just search ALIGN through google and then use a different email or have a new device.

Ambassador/Affiliate Concerns (You may also email with any additional concerns to have them answered directly by the team.)

  • What about Amazon Prime and FREE shipping?¬†ALIGN will be fulfilling for Amazon orders through our shipping warehouse and we will only be considered “prime” after our trial period for shipping fulfillment. Our prices on there will be elevated compared to our website prices and customers will still have to pay for the $8.99 shipping.
  • What about platforms like TikTok that offer specials and promotions on the individual sales platform?¬†Some platforms offer specials to their customers and those offers are controlled by the platform, not ALIGN. Will there ever be offers available that are a better deal on the platforms? Yes. Especially for first-time customers. This is something that we do not control, cannot control and are going to be focusing on as promotional to help spread the ALIGN brand. When those customers receive their order from ALIGN, they will be pushed back to the ALIGN site and Ambassadors.
  • What if my customer shops ALIGN on a different platform?¬†There’s always a small chance that an existing customer of yours could purchase on a different platform. If that happens, contact support and we are always willing to help you.¬†¬†We are here to help you and our ultimate goal for the best customer care and experience is that they are tied to you. As an Ambassador, you are top priority and as one additional reminder, anytime you’re talking about ALIGN, share your link.
We hope this transparency and continued conversation help you feel confident in your collaboration with the ALIGN team. Let’s all work together to grow the ALIGN brand. It will be a benefit to all!

2024 Committee Announcements!


Celebrating Our New Committees in 2024!
A heartfelt thank you to all the individuals who took the time to apply and nominate for an ALIGN committee! Following an anonymous selection process, each committee has been officially confirmed by the ALIGN Team.
A warm congratulations to these Ambassadors! Committee heads will be reaching out to coordinate meeting times with you.
We are excited for ALIGN to be a collaborative journey and having committees for feedback is a huge part of that. Together, we are committed to shaping ALIGN into a great experience for all.
Cheers to the success ahead ‚Äď congratulations to everyone involved!

NEW! Frontline Activations Tool in Your Ambassador Dashboard

We are hoping you will look in your Ambassador Dashboards to check out this new visibility into your team’s frontline enrollments. You can view this tool by logging in at and clicking on Ambassador Dashboard >>> Team.