All Inclusive Rewards

How do I start earning Stars?

When you create an Account with ALIGN, you start earning Stars! You can earn Stars for every purchase and for simple actions like following us on social media channels. We also reward you with Stars on your birthday and when you remain a loyal customer!

Who is eligible for All Inclusive Rewards?

Everyone! At ALIGN we believe that everyone deserves to be rewarded for being a part of our ALIGN Community and for engaging with and supporting our small business. This means that our Affiliates, Ambassadors AND Customers all earn rewards at ALIGN!

How do I redeem Stars?

Once you have accumulated 1000 Stars, you will see redemption options pop up at the bottom of your Rewards profile. Our program will offer you multiple redemption options so you can choose to use a portion of your Stars or all of your Stars on your purchase! 1000 stars is worth $10.00

When do Stars expire?

ALIGN Stars expire after 90 days of inactivity. Remember to check your ALIGN Rewards balance before you shop to ensure you can use your Stars before they expire! You can redeem your rewards and hold onto them so they don’t expire. Redeemed rewards codes can be found at the bottom of the front page when you log in to your Dashboard

Can I gift my Stars to a friend?

At this time our Rewards program does not allow you to gift or send Stars to a friend. You can however place an order that ships to them using your redeemed Stars! Just be sure you change the shipping address on your order as our website cookies save your home address by default!

Does ALIGN offer Stars for hosting a party?

Not currently. ALIGN is a modern social selling brand focused on e-commerce versus party plan. We do not currently offer a host plan or host rewards. By offering All Inclusive Rewards to Affiliates, Ambassadors and Customers, we feel like we are better able to reward everyone who supports ALIGN, not just those who host a traditional party.