Adjustment to Quarterly Bonus! (Starts July 1st)

Hello all!

July starts a new quarter for the Quarterly Bonus (July, August, September) we wanted to make the field aware of 1 adjustment and 1 clarification we are making for Ambassador eligibility for this bonus.
Ambassador Volume points (AV) are NOT cumulative. $1,000 AV accumulated in 1 calendar month = 1 point. (Not $900 in one and then $100 in another.)
You must have at least 1 point in the category of team building (frontline) and at least 1 point in the AV category to be eligible. You may have 1 point in team building and 9 points in AV or vice versa, but must have one point in each category.
We hope this clarification helps and hope we see more of you earn the Quarterly Bonus so we can give you $500 in September!