ALIGN Quarterly/Monthly Bonus Update

New Year, New Quarter, New Chance to get an extra $3200 in your pocket this year!

With FREE to join in January and 2 new product launches, your offering is off to a great start.
We are always wanting to make sure you understand the best way to earn every opportunity for cash in your pocket. So, let’s review a clarification/edit to the quarterly bonus.
To earn the quarterly bonus ($500 paid out quarterly) you need 10 points.
1 point per $1000 AV (Ambassador Volume) in a calendar month
1 point for each new frontline enrollment
You must have 3 points for AV in a quarter ($1,000 each month in the quarter) and at least 1 point for new enrollments in the quarter.
The Monthly Wellness Bonus is a bonus that we always talk about with the Quarterly Bonus because if you hit the Monthly Wellness Bonus ($100 paid out monthly) each month in the quarter, you’ll hit the Quarterly Bonus as well.
Monthly and quarterly bonuses add up to an additional $3200/year- $266/month. (That doesn’t include ALIGN commissions.)
Let’s earn some extra cash in 2024!