ALIGN Shipping Announcement

Shipping announcement!
ALIGN is happy to announce that will now be shipping our own products.
We are excited have an office, shipping, and warehouse space in Oklahoma. As many of you know, this is home base for our CEO, Jesi Conder as well as our Director of Field Development Sarah Lucas. We are excited to have more flexible options for kitting items (like the Abundance Boxes!) better communication and being able to be more hands-on as business owners.
What does this mean for you? For some of you, shipping times will shift. If you’re closer to Oklahoma than SLC, UT you’re likely to see an uptick in how quickly packages get to you, if you’re further away, it might add a day (or two.)
As a company, we are always going to be willing to pivot and adapt for the health of ALIGN to take the very best care of you we possibly can.
In the next couple of weeks be watching for fun exclusives that we will now be able to add to our site and ship, shipping times to adjust and for the rest of our amazing Abundance Boxes to be kitted and ready to sell again.
2024 is looking bright!