Founders Pool Clarification & Extension

AMAZING News! We want everyone pushing for this once in a lifetime opportunity!
We have gotten some clarifying questions around founders pool and the Ambassador volume required for Founders Circle Eligibility.
We are going to be talking about this pool more over the coming weeks because it is the only pool with a timeline on it. Here’s how it works: Hit the founders pool once time in this 6 month eligibility timeframe and the pool will close to only those founding leaders. The pool amount will continue to grow as ALIGN grows, but the amount of people in it will not continue to grow, which makes this a huge opportunity. The Founders Circle Pool information can be found on the Pools page of the Abundance Plan.
Every pool requires $1,000 Ambassador Volume. (That includes your personal sales/purchases and your customer order volume.) Founders circle pool is no different.
Hit founders pool by deadline for an ALIGN lifetime benefit
$1,000 Ambassador Volume (Your orders & your customer orders) $5,000 total volume (Pssst…. your Ambassador volume counts! You can actually hit Team Leader & Founders Pool by selling $5,000 in a calendar month or any combination with your team volume as long as you have $1,000 AV)
We hope that clarifies any questions you have. You can view the Abundance Plan HERE.