May 2023 News

This Week at ALIGN 5/29-6/3
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This Week at ALIGN – May 21st to May 28th

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Happy Product Launch Day!
We are SO excited about our product launch today!
Shower Affirmation Cards $24
Increase your intentions and welcome abundance with our original set of ALIGN Shower Affirmation Cards. Our Shower Affirmation cards are reusable and waterproof. Simply run under water and stick them on smooth surfaces like mirrors or shower tiles and switch them up for ultimate well-being. Choose a new card each day or gift the power of positive mantras to a friend!
Includes 20 dual-sided cards with 40 unique affirmations and a resealable storage pouch.
Hand Creme Time! $14ea ($52 Bundle) Earth, Air, & Fire hand cremes are all going to be ready to sell on Friday.
Fire Healing Hand Creme features our signature scent of smoke, creamy vanilla, sandalwood, and a hint of musk.
Earth Healing Hand Creme features our signature scent of hemp, fig & sandalwood.
Air Healing Hand Creme features our signature scent of peppermint, lavender, lemon and meadowsweet.
Water Healing Hand Creme features our signature scent of tropical waters, pineapple, mango & berry.


This Week at ALIGN – May 14th to May 20th

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New QuickStart Tool!

Hey everyone! We are excited to announce your new QuickStart Tool! This tool will automatically track your progress and create your product credit code all in one!

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This week at ALIGN 5/7-5/13

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Welcome to MAY! Remember to check your ARD (Ambassador Resource Drive) for all of the collateral you need to talk about the promotions this month!

Ambassadors should have received THIS EMAIL that outlines everything happening in May. We can’t wait to work together on our new sales system and really get ALIGN moving!

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