Price Adjustments in 2024

Price adjustments coming 1-1-2024
At ALIGN we are always going to do our best to keep our mid-luxe, minimalist and mid-priced offering accessible to all. That being said, current costs require adjustment to 3 ALIGN products:
Clarify Exfoliating Cleanser- $34 (currently $32)
Soothe Whipped Cloud Creme- $34 (currently $32)
Water Magnesium Body Butter- $38 (currently $32)
Any bundles that have these products in them will be adjusted accordingly.
What does this mean for you? It means this is a great opportunity to inform any customers who have purchased these items in 2023 need a follow up to inform them with the 25% and price increases, this is the best opportunity to get their favorite products at the lowest price possible!