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What is ALIGN?

ALIGN is a new social selling brand that launches in 2023. ALIGN brings two high-value components to the market: people and beauty/personal care products.

We are a lifestyle, bath, body and beauty brand. We share products we adore because we can’t be quiet about them! Our products feel so good you WANT to use every last drop. We aim to be the pause button in your busy day that leaves you feeling revived, refreshed and ready to take on the day. ALIGN brings a simple, effective, minimalist approach to the social selling personal care category and combines naturally based, efficacious products with cutting edge technology to create something unique in the industry. Our culture is focused on enhancing the lives of our affiliates and ambassadors with a holistic approach that creates more abundance and alignment in their lives through an incredible product experience, a generous compensation opportunity plus a healthy balance of recognition, collaboration and mutual respect.

With over 40 years of combined experience in the direct sales industry, and recognizing a huge shift in direct sales towards online marketing, we believe we can create something special that has not been done before.

In an industry fraught with criticism and ripe with opportunity, we asked ourselves: can this be done better?

Our goal in creating ALIGN is to offer something better for both customers and our sales force. Created BY ambassadors and affiliates FOR ambassadors and affiliates, we have unique insight into what makes quality company culture, as well as the market to which we are selling products and income opportunity.

Many traditional direct sales companies in the industry are missing the mark in today’s e-commerce climate. Our experience has taught us that to thrive in today’s beauty market as a social selling brand we must have these major aspects nurtured:

Customer Experience

Any customer of an ALIGN Ambassador or Affiliate is an ALIGN customer. The home office ensures a good customer experience that produces loyalty to the brand and their affiliate/ambassador.

E-Commerce and Sales

As a company, we will be focused on aggressive marketing, online sales and growth. We recognize that to keep a healthy bottom line, ALIGN must be an e-commerce brand that can stand on its own. Gone are the days of leaving marketing and sales to the field.

Ambassador and Affiliate Experience

We are committed to treating our partners in sales generously and respectfully to improve loyalty and retention. We do this by creating a strong culture built on mutual respect and understanding.

Interested in partnering with us as an Affiliate or Ambassador? Find out more information about our ALIGN Community here.

Let’s ALIGN!

The ALIGN Team

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