What is Social Selling?

This isn’t your mom’s makeup party on the living room couch. Social Selling combines the best parts of industries like party plan, direct sales, network marketing, affiliate marketing and e-commerce. The current landscape of influencer marketing and social selling provides an attainable and affordable business opportunity to individuals while offering high quality products direct to consumers.

Social selling is the practice of using a brand’s or individuals social media channels to connect with prospects, develop a connection with them and engage with potential leads. The tactic can help businesses and independent ambassadors reach their sales targets.

Think of social selling as modern relationship-building. Social selling, when done well, allows individuals to share products they love and use with people who like, know and trust them.

Social Selling is Not

Social selling is certainly not about bombarding strangers with unsolicited Tweets and DMs.

Social selling is not selling a dream lifestyle that few achieve.

Social selling is not home parties, outdated sales tactics and high pressure recruiting.

Social Selling Works

  • Businesses that are leaders in the social selling space create 45% more sales opportunities than brands with a low social selling index.
  • Businesses that prioritize social selling are 51% more likely to reach their sales quotas.
  • 78% of businesses that use social selling outsell businesses that don’t use social media.

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