woman counting cash

The Abundance Plan

The ALIGN Abundance Plan is a simple yet generous volume based compensation plan that we believe is unique to the industry! We wanted to combine the power of social selling while also offering a simple Affiliate path. We believe the Abundance Plan is simple enough for anyone to understand while still generous and profitable for those who want to build a substantial business and income.

woman counting cash

Some Key Features of the Abundance Plan:

  • Affiliate and Ambassador Options
  • Your commission increases as your personal sales increase.
  • You can earn from selling, team building or both.
  • You do not have to recruit, ever.
  • The compensation plan is volume based.
  • You can promote and achieve ranks.
  • AV commissions will be paid out weekly via direct deposit (ACH) All additional commissions such as scaled AV, team pay, bonuses, pools will be paid out the 10th of the following month.
  • As Founders with decades of experience in the industry, it is extremely important to us that we pay our Affiliates and Ambassadors generously.

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