The ALIGN Culture

ALIGN is deeply committed to an Affiliate First Approach,where our affiliates and brand ambassadors are affirmed, valued, included, recognized and appreciated for being a part of our team. How do we build a healthy team culture in a sales driven industry? At ALIGN we believe our culture is created from four important tenets that shape every decision we make.

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Servant Leadership

We work for our affiliates and ambassadors. You hold the power to choose the brands you align with. Our goal is to treat you so well that you never want to go anywhere else. When we serve you well, we all win.

Financial Health

ALIGN does not exist to treat affiliates and ambassadors as our customer base. We believe in affiliates and ambassadors MAKING money, SAVING money, putting gas in the tank, paying for kids’ activities and taking the family vacation. We want to help our sales force build and maintain financial health and margin in their lives for themselves and their families.


Our core values enrich and guide our community. At ALIGN, we believe in connection, communication, community and camaraderie. We don’t do gossip, drama or competition. We rise together. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, offering ourselves and others grace as we grow together. We want to build a community that loves and treats one another with respect, kindness and integrity. We intend to listen well and always be transparent and honest in our communication to our community.


ALIGN will work hand in hand with our sales force in the spirit of collaboration. We will be aggressively engaged in marketing and driving sales, together. Though it is uncommon, our commitment to this side-by-side approach is important to the growth and health of the company. We plan to ensure this healthy partnership through consistent communication and recognition and rewards that value affiliates and ambassadors equally across the board.

Are you ready to partner with a brand that embraces a healthy and positive culture? Find out more about our ALIGN community and our culture here.

Let’s ALIGN!

The ALIGN Team

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